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Running Machines For Your Gym – Build Your Own Gym

You’re starting your own gym, right? Where do you start? Right here of course! We’ll review some of the top rated running machines on the market. If you like what you see and need more equipment for your gym, check out some of our other gym equipment reviews!

These are not put together in any order. Look through them yourself and see which one fits you and your budget.

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Black 500W Portable Folding Electric Motorized Treadmill Running Machine

This Portable and Folding Electric Treadmill features a multi-function display that tracks one’s progress in speed, distance, and calories burned. Fits in the gym or at home. The folding function can be done manually. It is constructed for heavy-duty uses.

-Extremely low noise 500W motor
-Hand rails covered in foam for safety, comfort, and balance
-Simple and compact space saving design
-Super easy set-up

-Weight limit: 250 lbs
-Overall small treadmill
-Known to break after a lot of use


Gold’s Gym Trainer 720 Treadmill

Description: This bad boy is the real deal. It allows an incline of up to 10%. It also has 18 different workout apps that allow customization for your workout. The treadmill has AirStride, which offers excellent cushion for joints. Interplay is included as well so you can listen to your MP3 player or iPod through it.

What people are saying:

“Very solid. I ran on it 4 times, 1 hour each time and I barely noticed any movement at all.”

“This has been by far the best treadmill I have ever owned!!!”

“Fan is not very strong. Heart monitor readings jump around a bit.
But the machine does what it is supposed to do.”


3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill

Description: This one is definitely more expensive. But added to that, it is also a better machine than most of the other ones out there. It has everything you need in a treadmill, and is built for basically any wear and tear.

-Preserves space with foldability (is that a word)
-High quality and durability
-Comes with components such as Ortho Flex ShockTM suspension system, 3.0hp motor, 5 years parts warranty

What people are saying:

“It folds up nicely and can be put away easily. I am happy with this purchase.”

“It is a very well built machine and has a lot of great features to use when using it. But what I really love about this treadmill is the size of it. I was able to fit it in a relatively small place in my house that every other treadmill wouldn’t fit in.”

“I was surprised by the quality of it and how well it ran.”

“While there are many folding treadmills on the market today, the Pro Runner Treadmill has many different settings to meet you exercise routine.”

If you’re looking for the next step up from the last one, there’s also the 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill:


Horizon Fitness Elite T7 Treadmill

The Product: What may have one day been amazing new technology is now just the usual. Not to take anything away from the ability for this treadmill to fold up and save space, but most can do that nowadays, right? But don’t worry, there’s more to this beauty than just the folding! This machine is bread for the track. It includes an 8.5 inch extra-wide LCD screen that keeps you up to date on your time, distance, incline, speed, calories, laps, and heart rate. Fantastic!

Not only that, but it also has an integrated synthetic hard wax in the belt, which eliminates the need for routine lubrication. This baby is easy on your joints, too. It has a three-zone Variable Response Cushioning system that provides the ideal amount of flex and support. The user weight capacity is 350lbs. Not bad. Track your runs/walks with ViaFit, which connects them with your favorite fitness apps.

What the customers say:

“…it is the best Treadmill I have ever used, Gym or home.”

“…much more quiet! A nice upgrade. Seems sturdy when running and lots of actual running space.”


ProForm ZT6 Treadmill

In the box (or crate): The ProForm ZT6 has a 10 MPH Quick Speed Control along with a 10% Quick Inline Control. The treadmill also includes 18 workouts apps along with a Grip Pulse EKG Heart Rate Monitor. Weight capacity is 300 lbs. It comes with a CoolAire Workout Fan. There’s also a port for music (iPod). First thing you will notice, it’s a little cheaper than some of the other running machines with similar abilities.


“Works wonderfully. Is much quieter than the old treadmill it’s replacing and far more comfortable to use as well.”

“The treadmill is very quiet, and the assembly I think is what I was most pleased with. It went up very fast and was quite simple when compared to the last treadmill I put together.”

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