Samsung Gear Fit Smart Watch – Review

As gadgets get more and more popular, we as consumers have more and more options to choose from. There are so many out there now, and I am here to help you with the decision. If you would like to compare this Samsung Gear Fit with other smartwatch reviews, here is a couple to start with:

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The first thing I think you will notice is the unique design to this smartwatch. It has more of a horizontal look to it, and it doesn’t have much height. The colors and screen are have a very attractive look to them, and it does fit the wrist very well.

The watch is water resistant as well as dust resistant. There is a Personal Fitness Motivator in its programming to help motivate you to achieve your goals.

Some of its main and most impressive features:
-24/7 wearable (always on tracking keeps track of your activities throughout the day
-Personal Fitness Motivator
-Basic controls, such as but not limited to rejecting calls with messages, send quick replies, and controlling alarms
-Notifications: emails, SMS, incoming calls, 3rd party apps

-Design and operating system definitely a positive
-Easy to learn
-Wearable all day
-Updates as you work out

-A little thicker than future models might be
-There are a few cases of glitching/freezing

Buy it here:
Samsung Gear Fit Smartwatch

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