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15 Minute Stair Workout: Build Agility and Endurance

If your knees are feeling some pain before, during, or after the workout, I will be coming out with a new post on hamstring stretches for knee pain. If you want to be notified when that comes out, subscribe to my email list, and I’ll let you know.

The stair workout is one of those all-time classics that never gets old. No matter how many times I do them, I am always panting for air after (and during). They are great for the lungs and our overall health. You can use them several different ways:

  1. Use the 15 minute stair workout as its own workout for the day.
  2. Use the quick stair workout as a warm-up to your normal routine.
  3. Add the stair exercises in between sets to your normal workout routine.
  4. Finish off with the stairs to use up all of your pent up energy.

However you do decide to use them, here are some quick tips before starting:

  1. Be soft on the knees. Land silently on the toes to prevent injuries. If you have knee problems, keep your feet as low to the ground as possible to limit impacts.
  2. Do these in athletic position. Here is athletic positioning from Stack.com if you need a reminder of what that is. Don’t let the knees go in front of the toes!
  3. Use your arms. What? Yes, your arms. Your whole body should be involved in this, including your arms and core.

The Workout

Perform each exercise for one minute. You have time for a five second break in between stair exercises if you want it. (If I were you, I’d skip that break and go all out!) Watch the video, and if you want any tips, take a look down below for each exercise.


Normal Stair Run

This is the warm-up, so don’t get cocky. If you aren’t loose, start at 25%. Then move up to 50% and work your way up to 100%. Remember to keep those feet soft and quiet while going up the stairs.

L-L-R-R Tap-ups

I actually really enjoy this one. It is a little difficult to explain, but really you are just walking up the stairs, except you are stepping twice with each step. Hopefully that makes sense. Take a look at the video if you want further clarification. On the second step, you should power yourself up. This should make all of your steps “taps” rather than hard steps.

Wide Steps

I know, I know, it looks a little funny. I think I missed a few steps in the video, as well. I was getting a little ahead of myself. Remember to use the arms, because this is a full body workout.

One Leg Hops

My one piece of advice for this one: be soft. Knees are not easily fixed. If you want, you can even walk down the stairs normal, but go up on one foot. You should feel it in your core if you are going at full speed.

L-R-L-R Tap-ups

I like to add some mental toughness into my workouts. This one takes some focus, as you have to really think about what you’re doing. If you are having trouble getting into a rhythm, try counting 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3 as you step, it will help.

Two-Legged Hop

Use your core! Go straight up the stairs and not side to side for this one.

L-R Step-ups

Again, this one will work your mind as well as you body. Do your best to get the rhythm down before going at full speed.

Up-Up-Down Hops

Try to stay low to the ground, and get as many steps in as you can. I goof up on these all the time.

High Knee Tap-ups

Power your knees up to your chest, or close to it. Don’t over-arch your back to do this, however. Stay straight up.

Side-to-Side Two-Legged Hops

Now you can go side to side. Go as far as you can to the side. If you don’t have a lot of room on the sides, work with what you can.

Two-Legged Skip Hops

Pretty simple. Hop up as far as you can without hurting yourself. (Or hurt yourself and learn from it, which is what I like to do!)

Sideways Step-ups

Stay straight with your whole body, and don’t let your upper torso turn towards the top of the stairs.

Butt-Kick Step-ups

Only do these going up the stairs. If you do them down the stairs, your knees start to cave in too far, and your heels catch the stairs. It is also very dangerous, so I highly recommend walking down the stairs.


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Awesome TRX Workout Plan – Full Body Workout Routine

These are new to me, and they’re pretty cool. I first saw them hanging from the gym ceiling and wondered what on earth those things were. Two things about these is that they are not resistance tubing, and there are no weights involved. No resistance tubing means the force from the rope is equal throughout the workouts. That is one thing I don’t love about resistance tubing, because the tighter it gets, the harder it gets. This makes the initial push easy and the end unreasonable hard.

With these, core strength is absolutely necessary. Not only does overall body strength matter, but for each and every workout, your core is being pushed to its max. I highly recommend these for athletes. You won’t regret it.

To start, you’ll need a kit like this:

The Workout (4 day/week):


Day 1: Chest, Quads, Back

Chest workouts by Trainvernacker.com

Chest Flies

Chest Press

TRX Push Up

TRX Incline Chest Press

TRX Chest Hug

Bernie Push Up

Elevated Hand Push Up

Chest Press Variation #1

Upper Back Row (by MensHealth.com)

Fit Squad‘s Back Workout (Row Pulls and Roll Over Pulls)

Tony Cress‘ Killer TRX Leg Workout

Day 2: Biceps, Shoulders

Bicep workouts by CoreTrainingTips.com

Biceps Curl

One Hand Bicep Curl

Shoulder exercises by Trainervanacker.com

T Deltoid Raise

W Deltoid Raise

I Deltoid Raise

Y Deltoid Raise

High Row

Day 3: Triceps, Hamstrings, Calves

TRXtraining.com‘s Tricep Press

Scott Abel Coaching‘s Standing Calf Raise

TRX Hamstring Curl Variations

StreamFITtv‘s Giant Sets for Bodacious Backside

Top 6 Resistance Band Workout Routines – Best Resistance Band Exercises

Resistance Bands are probably one of my favorite ways to workout. They are so versatile, but not many people use them. I’d say the best part about them is that they are extremely portable. You can’t take with you a barbell, a set of 5 dumbbells, and a bench if you head out of town on a business trip for a week. You can, however, take a set of resistance bands in a small bag with you. You can work you legs, arms, core…Man, I’ll just say it, you can do practically anything with these.

I am not completely biased. I do understand the limits that come with these. While I found upper body mostly easy to find workouts for Read more