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Box Jumps

Box jumps are an excellent tool you can use to increase your jumping power, speed, and endurance…if you use them correctly. I have decent speed and endurance, but my vertical has lacked miserably over the years. I played basketball in high school. The worst feeling was not even being able to touch rim while guys shorter than me could. I took it personally and wanted to find the best and quickest ways to jump higher. Box jumps are a great start.

How to do them:

When to do them:
I see a lot of people in the gym ending their workout with box jumps. I am not going to say that is completely wrong and horrible to do. But if you are looking to add that power to your vertical, I suggest you do five sets of 5 reps before a lower body workout. If you are looking for conditioning to your legs, feel free to do them more often and higher reps.

Don’t do:
Your knees cave in – If your knees are caving in, it means you are weak in that area. Try doing a bulgarian split squat to get that fixed. Also you can try starting with your knees together before you jump and see if that helps.

Jump down from the box – Your knees and other body parts take enough beating jumping up onto the box. It is best to just step down from the box to limit stress on your body.

Land/Start in a squat position – Take a look at these Michael Jordan dunks. He starts his jump at (maybe) a half squat position. You want to land how you start.

Jumping rope

Jumping ropeĀ is a great way to build up your calves and ankles, which is where your explosiveness starts on your jumps. Your joints can also be strengthened through jumping rope. Endurance is also great to have, as well as improved oxygen levels and blood circulation.

We suggest you do three sets of jumping. It depends on how skilled you are, but if you are a beginner, start with three minutes per set. Work your way up to ten minutes per set.

This video by fightTIPS explains 16 different jump rope variations:

The List:

1) Double bounce
2) One bounce
3) Jumping jacks
4) Criss-Cross
5) Forward and back
6) Butt kickers
7) High knees
8) Left, left, right, right
9) Rope side to side
10) Rope Criss-cross
11) Double unders
12) Squat rope side to side
13) Rope side to side lunges
14) Backwards
15) Double backwards
16) Freestyle