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Jumping rope

Jumping ropeĀ is a great way to build up your calves and ankles, which is where your explosiveness starts on your jumps. Your joints can also be strengthened through jumping rope. Endurance is also great to have, as well as improved oxygen levels and blood circulation.

We suggest you do three sets of jumping. It depends on how skilled you are, but if you are a beginner, start with three minutes per set. Work your way up to ten minutes per set.

This video by fightTIPS explains 16 different jump rope variations:

The List:

1) Double bounce
2) One bounce
3) Jumping jacks
4) Criss-Cross
5) Forward and back
6) Butt kickers
7) High knees
8) Left, left, right, right
9) Rope side to side
10) Rope Criss-cross
11) Double unders
12) Squat rope side to side
13) Rope side to side lunges
14) Backwards
15) Double backwards
16) Freestyle

Awesome TRX Workout Plan – Full Body Workout Routine

These are new to me, and they’re pretty cool. I first saw them hanging from the gym ceiling and wondered what on earth those things were. Two things about these is that they are not resistance tubing, and there are no weights involved. No resistance tubing means the force from the rope is equal throughout the workouts. That is one thing I don’t love about resistance tubing, because the tighter it gets, the harder it gets. This makes the initial push easy and the end unreasonable hard.

With these, core strength is absolutely necessary. Not only does overall body strength matter, but for each and every workout, your core is being pushed to its max. I highly recommend these for athletes. You won’t regret it.

To start, you’ll need a kit like this:

The Workout (4 day/week):


Day 1: Chest, Quads, Back

Chest workouts by Trainvernacker.com

Chest Flies

Chest Press

TRX Push Up

TRX Incline Chest Press

TRX Chest Hug

Bernie Push Up

Elevated Hand Push Up

Chest Press Variation #1

Upper Back Row (by MensHealth.com)

Fit Squad‘s Back Workout (Row Pulls and Roll Over Pulls)

Tony Cress‘ Killer TRX Leg Workout

Day 2: Biceps, Shoulders

Bicep workouts by CoreTrainingTips.com

Biceps Curl

One Hand Bicep Curl

Shoulder exercises by Trainervanacker.com

T Deltoid Raise

W Deltoid Raise

I Deltoid Raise

Y Deltoid Raise

High Row

Day 3: Triceps, Hamstrings, Calves

TRXtraining.com‘s Tricep Press

Scott Abel Coaching‘s Standing Calf Raise

TRX Hamstring Curl Variations

StreamFITtv‘s Giant Sets for Bodacious Backside