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Shoulder Flexibility for Throwing Sports

Having tight shoulders is never fun to play sports with. They seem to take forever to warm up, they are hard to use, and they seem to always get injured. Loosening them up in the right places can help fix any issues you may be having and bring about more pleasurable sports activities.

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They key here is becoming flexible, like I said, in the right places. We don’t just want to randomly stretch shoulder muscles because we could be doing more harm than good. Some of you may have tight shoulders all around, but most of you will have an imbalance in your muscles. I’m sure you have heard this before so I won’t go in detail, but basically our lifestyles are to blame for this. We sit too often, hunched over, which in return screws up our bodies. Our upper back becomes over-stretched and our chest becomes super tight. Thus, imbalanced.

Before I get into the stretches and fixes, I will give a little of advice. If you sit at a computer for long periods of times, or even for not so long periods of times, I would recommend getting a standing desk. Standing while on the computer can do wonders for you and help fix your posture, which I will be writing an article on soon. They (whoever “they” is) are now making standing desks to fix this problem. Here is a cheaper one with a crank handle.

And here is my high recommendation, the deluxe version, which has an electric motor.


Be sure to warm up before stretching and exercising.



Hand Raises Against a Wall

Put your back against a wall with arms at a 90 degree angle, facing up. Your butt should be touching the wall, and do not over-arch your back. Raise your arms up against the wall, hold at the top for a few seconds, and come back down. You should be doing this for about a minute, and then the last rep you should hold for 30 seconds.

Clasped Hands Extension

Sit crisscross on the floor with your back straight up. Clasp your hands behind your back and straighten your elbows. Slowly move your hands upwards. Your shoulder blades should be squeezing together the further your hands go up.

Rotator Cuff

The rotator cuff is one of the most common torn muscle in the shoulder. With a lot our shoulders somewhat out of place, our rotator cuff goes through motions that it really shouldn’t be going through. We need to be sure that it is loose and isn’t going to be damaged in our throwing motion.




So like I said earlier, we are not trying to become more flexible. Our goal is to become balanced. We have already talked about how to stretch out the tight muscles, but now we must tighten up/strengthen our “loose” or long muscles.

Push-up Plus

If you have never heard of these, you are missing out big time. I would almost recommend to scrap normal push-ups alone and put these in their place. It is so simple, yet so difficult at the same time. If you are doing these right, your push-ups should become much more difficult.

Start in push-up position, and go down and come back up like a a regular push-up. At the top of the movement, you add in an extra push from the shoulders. You should push down so your shoulders are now rounded at the top. This video shows the top of the movement. If you want, you can just do the top of the movement, but whichever way you choose, be sure to get a full extension at the top.

Dip Plus

This one is similar to the push-up plus. Find a dip bar. Perform a dip. At the top of the movement, extend…well here, just watch the video (skip to 12:45. If you have scapular winging, you may want to watch the whole video).


In the end, you really have to get to know your body. Know when and where you are most likely to get injured. Know your posture. Know your weaknesses. I can’t really tell every single one of you a single way to fix your flexibility issues. Experiment with some of these and see what is tight and what might need improvement.