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Fun Dance Styles to Stay in Shape and Loose

Dancing has always been a no-no for me, mainly because I can’t do it. After trying out some of this stuff, though, it’s incredible how much it can help. If you do it seriously and with good intent, it can help in balance, agility, endurance, and more. A lot of these are also easier if you are flexible, which I have been in improving in.

So, here is the list. Some of them (or all of them) may be awkward or goofy to do in front of others. Maybe find a room where you can be alone and just go crazy, but not too crazy. These are in no particular order.


The Charleston has some fun dance moves. This will help a lot with balance as you are going on one leg and in unusual stances a lot.


This how-to is very simple, but perfect for beginners. The point of this isn’t to be a professional after watching a two minute video. Find which dancing you like best and get better at it.



Can you say calf muscles? Oh. My. Word. I highly recommend this ballet routine. It is an hour long, and if you do it full through and correctly, it will definitely feel like a workout.



I really like Zumba. You get your whole body into the workout, and it really gets your blood pumping.


Hip-hop can be the most fun once you get good at it, in my opinion.

House Dance

Another one that takes great coordination and balance. It’s also a lot harder than it looks.

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Those are the ones I liked the most. If you didn’t find one that you liked, there is a list of other ones down below. Even though you aren’t used to it or may not even like it, I recommend finding at least one of these that you enjoy and putting it into your workout routine once a week. At least give it a shot. Remember, we are building the ultimate athletic bodies here at Fitness Hideout. We do whatever it takes to become an all around better athlete.

Other Dance Styles:

West Coast Swing
Modern Jive
Line Dance
Country Dance
Modern Dance
Conga Line
Melbourne Shuffle