recap of the fitness industry characteristics for february 2018

February Fitness Industry Monthly Recap (+Video)

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Every month Fitness Hideout gives a recap of the fitness industry. The recap includes topics like products, exciting storylines, trending fitness industry characteristics, jokes, and giveaways. This is the February version.

(Below is everything in the video with some added details.)

Product of the Month

Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Bike Trainer

Key Features:

  • Ride your bicycle indoors
  • Fits 22″-29″ wheels
  • Power, stability, and durability training
  • Compatible with Pro Flywheel (add 12 extra pounds of inertia)


  • Well-built and very reliable
  • Smooth and quieter than most other trainers
  • Easy to mount your bike


  • A bit pricey if bought new

Cool Stories

Obesity Prevented in Mice Fed High-fat Diet (Click for full story)

Washington University found that mice that were fed with a high-fat diet were less likely to become obese. The key to the study was activating the mice’s Hedgehog pathways.

Proper Exercise Can Reverse Damage from Heart Aging (Click for full story)

UT Southwestern Medical Center found that proper exercise can reverse damage from heart aging. It may seem obvious that exercise is good for us, but now there are studies coming out telling us specifically why that is.

Sport of the Month


Basically, it’s soccer mixed with volleyball, and extreme gymnastics. If you didn’t watch the video, you definitely should look up some Bossaball highlights. It’s pretty nifty.

Fitness Joke of the Month

Question: Why did the farmer get arrested at the gym?

Answer: Because he was destroying his calves. (Loud laughter)


This month the giveaway is the FitBit Flex 2. All you have to do is share the FitBit Contest post, and tell me why you want the FitBit. Contest ends March 31st.

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