16 Ways to Market Your Product in 2018

Do you want to succeed promoting your product?

I’ll give you some creative ways to promote your product, and I throw in examples. Some promotions you’ll need money, others are free.

Most of these are online promotions, and they make great use of social media and newer forms of digital marketing.

  1. Run a Contest or Giveaway
  2. Advertise via Facebook Ads
  3. Find Instagram Ambassadors
  4. Organic Search
  5. Advertise via Google Adwords
  6. Join Local Trade Show
  7. Blogger Review
  8. Use Reddit
  9. Guest Podcast
  10. Guest on a Show
  11. YouTube Review
  12. Get Quotes from Established Brands
  13. Advertise via YouTube Video Advertisement
  14. Pre-order Discount
  15. Affiliate Deal
  16. Share it with Friends

Run a Contest or Giveaway

Giveaways are generally better than contests, as they sound easier for customers.

The best ways to promote your contest or giveaway:

Be sure to follow all of their rules. The best way to succeed at using the giveaway Subreddit is to repost your giveaway every 48 hours.

Also give away something with great value. Typically, low-value items don’t fare too well.

  • Advertise your contest or giveaway on Facebook.

I go into more detail pertaining to Facebook Ads a bit further down in the article.

  • Find giveaway websites. 

There are websites designed specifically for this purpose. There are even Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages that do this. They’re not hard to find.

Advertise via Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads have become the craze. There are a few ways to go about this.

  • Go for the straight sell.

Lead customers directly to your product page. This is especially good for companies who sell a large assortment of products, and you don’t have a specific product category.

  • Create a fanbase.

Maybe you don’t want sales immediately, but you want to create customers who will come back and buy your other products as well.

  • Build brand awareness. 

This is for bigger companies who plan on reaching hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people. It is also especially good for retargeting Facebook Ads.

No matter which one you choose, here are a few tips for creating your Facebook Ad:

  1. Pictures are good; videos are better. But keep them short.
  2. Only have one goal in mind for each ad set. Do you want to sell your product, create a fanbase, or build brand awareness? Pick one.
  3. Do A/B testing. Create a few different ads and analyze the traffic for each one. You’ll end up saving a lot of money doing this. 
  4. Find competitor ads and make yours better.

Find Instagram Ambassadors

Obviously, this will work with YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and others as well, but Instagram seems to have the best return on investment.

The simple way to go about this is to search Instagram and find influencers with lots of followers in your product’s category. Just ask them if they are available for business; most of them will agree for the right price.

Services are also available for matching you up with social media ambassadors, but they generally charge a fee.

Be sure you are not paying too much.

According to Digiday, prices fluctuate, but these are rough estimates for how much to pay social media influencers:

Share This Infographic On Your Site

YouTube = $2,000 / 100,000 followers

Instagram = $1,000 / 100,000 followers 

Snapchat = $500 / 1,000-5,000 views -OR- $10,000-$30,000 / 50,000-100,000 views

Organic Search

“Organic search traffic” is traffic coming from search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. Users type a search query, search engines give them search results based on that query, and users click the best link.

The goal is to rank high on Google so that your website shows up above all other websites.

Gaining traffic from organic search is definitely the cheapest, but it is also the hardest.

There are professionals who spend their careers trying to figure out the algorithm to ranking high on search engines.

Here is an extremely simplistic summary of search engine optimization (SEO), courtesy of Backlinko:


  1. Dwell-time. Users are not clicking out of your website right away.
  2. Click-through rate. When your website shows up on Google, users click your website a good percentage of the time.

Key Ranking Factors:

  1. RankBrain (explained above)
  2. Rich, valuable content – 2,000+ words and helpful to users.
  3. Mobile-friendly
  4. Videos – Use to complement content.
  5. Voice search friendly 
  6. Backlinks, backlinks, backlinks – Links coming in from popular websites.

Advertise via Google Ads

Promoting your product with Google Adwords is similar to Facebook but not the same.

There are five ways to advertise with Google:

  1. Search network: Allows your campaign to pop up on text searches. These ads show up on the top of Google search results.
  2. Display network: Advertising campaigns show up on websites and apps when their content is relevant to your advertisement.
  3. Video ads: I’ll talk about this more in-depth later on.
  4. Google shopping: Your eCommerce advertisements show up on search results directly related to products. 
  5. Adwords retarteging: Similar to Facebook’s retartegeting, this allows you to get your advertisement back in front of a former or lost customer.

Join a Local Trade Show

Now that we have all of these ways to market our products digitally, it’s easy to get comfortable sitting in our cozy offices.

One way to get out of your office and market old-fashioned is to find trade shows or product conventions. Just search Google, and I’m sure you’ll find shows near you.

The shows might charge a fee, but they’re definitely worth it. If you’re worried about showing off your product in front of people live, then that might be a sign you need to tidy up your product. 

Conventions and shows are also great ways to get feedback on your product. The feedback you receive from these shows will tell you what you’re doing well and what you need to improve on.

Blogger Review

Find a blogger or website in your product’s arena who will write a post that reviews your product.

This is not “spammy” guest blogging (which, for the most part, is dead). This is a review from an authority blogger who sincerely enjoys your product.

A couple tips for this strategy:

  • Make sure the content is rich and will sound good, even without links.

Yes, this is the key to high quality backlinks from one site to another. If the blogger who is reviewing your product makes the whole post about a link to your site, readers will notice it, and Google will notice it.

Make the post about the product. If the reviewer truly doesn’t like the product, then they shouldn’t be making a review post for it. The link should be added as… “And oh, if you like everything I just talked about, you can find out more about it here.”

  • Your landing page (if on your own website) should briefly repeat everything that was reviewed in the blogger’s review.

For example, let’s say you sell socks with art on them, Artsocks. The blogger reviews your product and talks about the (1) fantastic quality, (2) extreme comfort, and (3) how the socks don’t shrink or lose softness in the dryer.

When readers click the link to your site, the first page they come to should include all of that. It shouldn’t be just a picture of the socks.

It should talk about the:

  1. Quality – “Created in America.”
  2. Comfort – “Made with ultra-soft material.”
  3. Doesn’t shrink – “Material doesn’t shrink or lose softness.” 

If you sell on Amazon, you should be all set and don’t have to worry about this.


I touched on Reddit a bit earlier when I mentioned they have a giveaway page. There are also other ways to utilize Reddit.

  • There is a Subreddit “dedicated to shameless self-promotion” called Reddit Promote.
  • Make a video promotion, publish it on YouTube, and share it on Reddit’s YouTubers Subreddit.
  • Create a Subreddit. For example, we created a Subreddit called FitnessGiveawaysNot only does this bring in submissions for our monthly giveaways, but it builds brand awareness for everyone who stumbles across our Subreddit. The key is to create a page that creates value for the customer. If users come across your page and simply see an advertisement for your website, they’ll be gone faster than you can blink. 

Reddit has continually seen growth year after year, and there are no signs of that stopping.

Guest Podcast

Guest podcasting is not dead. In fact, there are signs of growth. There are lots of theories about the direction of podcasts in the future, but whatever the case, here are the steps to joining a podcast:

  1. Find podcasts with lots of followers.
  2. Contact the person or company that runs the podcast.
  3. Meet with them to determine the goal of the podcast (this can be done online or in person). Make sure you have a predetermined goal in mind before going on the show. Chat with them about it to be sure that everyone is on the same page.
  4. Once the podcast is published, share it with your website, followers, and friends. 
  5. Be sure you receive a link to your website or product page.

Guest on a Show

In my opinion, this is an even better way to promote your product than appearing on a podcast.

YouTube is probably the easiest and cheapest way to go about this, but if you can find a different show that is interested, all the power to you.

Again, find a YouTube channel that closely relates to your product’s genre, and contact them.

The great part about this is that they don’t have to be local. It can be done over Skype, Google Hangouts, or by phone. 

Just make sure the product is shown on camera, and make it about the content, not the sale. Viewers will see right through if you are there just to get sales.

YouTube Review

This is similar to finding a brand ambassador on Instagram, except for this is usually just a one-time deal.

  1. Find a YouTube channel with not only a good amount of subscribers, but with lots of engagement (likes, comments, view count on recent videos, etc.).
  2. Reach out to them, and find out what they charge. Make sure it is an industry standard price.
  3. Tell them to be honest about your product; if they don’t like it, don’t review it. 
  4. Track your results to see if you should continue this strategy with other reviewers.

Get Quotes from Established Brands

Rather than getting a review from an established brand, simply get a quote.

These quotes are great for posting on the front page of your website, an Amazon product page, or on your social media accounts.

You can even use them in a video like we did here:

Send the company an email to see if they’re interested in checking out your product and telling you what they think. If they are interested, send the product out to them.

Who knows, maybe the companies will even give you a link back to your website in the process. 

Be sure that there is something in it for the company giving you the quote. The bigger the brand, the bigger the reward.

Advertise via YouTube Video Advertisement

I mentioned creating Google advertisements earlier. Sometimes, your product will call for specific ad placement.

If you decide to go with video, the next decision you will have to make is whether to put it on Facebook or YouTube.

What’s the difference?

To see a full guide on the difference between Facebook and YouTube video ads, check out Moz’s study. Here’s a summary:

  • Facebook received 3x more impressions than YouTube.
  • Facebook received more overall watch time than YouTube. 
  • YouTube received more quality watch time than Facebook.

Pre-order Discount

Pre-order discounts can be a great way to promote your product.

This must be before releasing your product.

Also, be sure it is a significant discount. If you only give a $1 coupon off of a $20 product, chances are customers won’t be interested.

This is also great if you are curious about how much interest there will be in your product. You can offer the discount before your first wholesale order so you don’t have sitting inventory.

You can even combine the pre-order discount with some of the tactics I talked about earlier.

Place your discount in a Facebook ad.

Give a coupon code in your guest podcast or show. 

Have your Instagram sponsor share your coupon code.

Affiliate Deal

If you sell on Amazon, they already have an affiliate program, so you don’t need to worry about this.

If you sell on your own website, you can give other companies the opportunity to refer their customers to your product.

Simply contact popular websites (who already have lots of email subscribers or followers), and offer them a certain commission on each referral they give from their fanbase. 

The best way to track the number of referrals (without extensive coding) is to have customers give you a coupon code at checkout. Each coupon code should be unique and only used for one company or website.

Share it with Friends

Okay, this may seem obvious, but in all reality, it might be one of your most successful outlets (and it’s free!).

Usually, friends will be happy and proud to share your success with others.

Tell friends to share with their friends on Facebook.

Maybe even give some free samples to your friends so they can share their experience with others.

Which is the best?

A little of everything, maybe?

It all depends on your product, target market, and budget, but try a few of them and stick with what works.

Businesses must continually adapt to changes.

Get good at tracking analytics, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Did I miss any? Tell me which ones I missed and maybe I’ll mention it in a future post! 

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